TOP 10 W.I.S.H.L.I.S.T.

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Salam and great day to all again!

In this post, I’ll share the top ten wishlist for an ICT classroom.

First and foremost, one pupil one netbook.

One of the problems faced by teachers in applying ICT in the classroom is that they had to wait for turns to use the computer lab. If it happens to be that each pupil owns a netbook, it will solve the problem as teachers can use it in their owns classroom.

Second, well-trained teachers in using ICT.

It has always been a dilemma for teachers to make use of the ICT in the classroom due to the fact that they are not well-trained. It makes them feel either less in confidence or worried to use it since they do not have the skills needed.

Third,  wireless internet connection for the entire school compound.

What is the use of having netbook without the internet? Full wireless internet coverage in the school area gives unlimited access to the teachers and pupils to easily access to the internet regardless where they are in the school compound.

Fourth, enough number of assistants and technician in school.

This is one of the crucial parts to ensure the success of using ICT in the classroom. It will only be great if the tools are in good working condition with the help of assistants or technician to help in the maintenance part. Enough numbers of them increase the efficiency of their work in schools.

Fifth, one smart board for each classroom.

Smart board allows students-teachers’ interactions to takes place more in an ICT classroom which has always been the thing needed to develop learning processes. The pupils will enjoy the class more because they have the chances to show their capability in learning in front of the class.

Sixth, sound proof ICT classroom.

Sound proof ICT classroom enhanced the level of success in learning because the pupils are able to listen well to the sound from audio or video used by teachers. At times, pupils were having difficulties to continue in the later part of teaching in result of disturbance from the other classes while listening to the materials shown by teachers.

Seventh, one teacher, one netbook, one LCD projector.

This works as the ‘plan B’ when it happens to be that the computer or LCD projector provided is not available for the teacher to use. Therefore, the teacher can save up time because there is no need to wait for the tools to be repaired or replaced.

Eighth, proper syllabus for ICT usage in the classroom.

A guidance for teachers to make use f the ICT in the classroom in the rightful way. It equals to greater success.

Ninth, implement the ‘ICT culture’ in school.

‘You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink’. No matter how great the ICT facilities in a school, it will be useless if the teachers and the pupils do not have the intention in making use of it. Therefore, implementing the culture to use ICT in teaching and learning processes is a must.

Tenth, e-learning base.

Last but not least, an e-learning base will help teachers to make good preparations in merging ICT with the subjects he or she will be teaching. Compilation of pictures, audio and video files which related to teaching and learning processes; everything can be grabbed from here. As for the pupils, they can access the information easily with this e-learning base to help them in revising the subjects learned.

I shared mine, what about you? 😀




“With a Great Teaching Practice comes a Great Future Teacher”

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Salam and great day to all…

This should be my first entry for my blog here ( which is the first lesson for the ICT in the classroom subject. Now I have entered the last semester (8th) for my degree program. The lecturer asked us to share the experience we had during our teaching practice during the previous semester. Here is the info :

School : Sekolah Kebangsaan Jalan Sungai Besi 1, Kuala Lumpur

Class : 4 Jujur and 3 Tekun

Enrollment : 19 pupils (4 Jujur) and 19 pupils (3 Tekun)

Like the title for this entry, I strongly believe that the 3 months of teaching practice has helped me to improve myself as a future English teacher. However, I am sorry to say I didn’t use much of ICT during that time due to common reasons faced by most primary school in this country. There were 4 LCD projectors at the school but sadly only 1 of them can be used (totally working and in a good condition).

Of course I can made up stories how good I was when I applied using ICT to improve the English lesson but I prefer not to because I am a teacher. To be honest, I prefer not to use those due to the fact that it troubles me more than helping. WHY? You were the practical teachers and other senior teachers need to use it more than you did. But still, I am using the ICT to help me in designing tasks and activities for the children in my classroom. Most probably I can say that there were some parts during my teaching practice that I did make use of the ICT. Using a laptop and speakers, I taught them songs and the children loved it. Don’t be surprised by the fact that the songs were not meant for teaching and learning but I used it as a ‘sense of refreshment’ during the English class. I don’t mind what others would say but for me, excitement is needed for the kids to regain their mood in learning after getting input from the teacher.Here is the example of the song :

Other than that, there was once or twice I get the children to enter the computer lab to use the softwares from the CD to make some practice for the lesson learned according to their level. It was one of the advantages of using ICT as the usage of computers built more interest towards learning the language. Apart from all, I didn’t say that the usage of ICT is a waste for teachers but perhaps the teachers themselves had to make sure that they own their own projectors so that they won’t be having any troubles when they need to use it. As long as a teacher has the skills to improvise teaching and learning processes, with or without the ICT, he or she will always be a GREAT teacher…..



Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!


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Actually, I have already known and explore this website even before Dr. Chin introduced it in the previous techno class…In my opinion, EduwebTV is web based tool which has the same function like other online streaming video application (youtube and etc). One of the major differences is that it is mainly created for educational purposes… Thus, it allows access to any individual including teachers, educators, parents and students to use it as to get information and knowledge regarding to education…One of the features that makes EduwebTV very much useful is that teachers can use it in the classrooms as teaching aids…Unlike any other teaching aids, EduwebTV is internet based, which means that it can be access anywhere at anytime…Imagine that Zack is a teacher who is teaching in a rural area and he is in need to find some educational videos to help his teaching and learning processes… Rather than travelling out to buy such videos  from the stores which will cost him to spend a lot of money, Zack can use the internet to access the EduwebTV and find the specific videos he needed…learning without boundaries is supported by the EduwebTV…

Ideal classroom

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Salam and good day to all….

We were asked by Prof Raja Maznah to share our opinions on the idea of an ideal classroom…

As for me, the first thing that is important for me the environment of the class itself. Before mentioning about additional posters on the wall and others, the tidiness of the classroom is very important…The floor must always be clean up and we have to ensure that the are no dust stucked at the window glasses or on the desks…Tidiness of a classroom is a core of success in teaching and learning process as it provides feeling of comfort which will increase the mood and interest towards learning for my pupils…

Other than that, I must ensure that the colour of the room itself is suitable…Almost the same as my previous point, we have to ensure a secure and comfortable place for the pupils to study…The usage of light colours, specifically postal colours is proven to affect the mood of study for children…Most probably I would prefer to choose light blue colour because it creates the mood of calm and comfort…(personal view)

Another element of an ideal classroom is the number of the pupils inside..Researches have proven that the ideal number of pupils that should be in a classroom is around 15-20 pupils…As a teacher, I would always focus on giving and providing effective teaching and learning sessions each and every time I entered the class…

Last but not least, this idea might sound crazy but I have always dreamed of a classroom with changeable 3D background…I believe by having this, pupils will become more enthusiastic towards the teaching and learning processes because the teachers are able to use the 3D background to get their attention…Just imagine, would you be more surprised to see a panda bear as if you are standing in front of it…would it be more fascinating??? ;p

Yours truly,


Helping others

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Salam and good day to all…Since the problems of uploading the pictures to the blog has become so much a trouble for me..I tried to download the Windows Live Writer and I can say that specific problem is solved…

Me ~Haziq~

changes to video???

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Salam and good day to all…We were asked to refine and improve the videos we have created earlier on and we have to state the reasons why changes are needed and done to our videos…

As for my video, I received several comments which I am so thankful to know it…Before I proceed, let me tell you that I choose not to edit my videos and I will justify based on the comments made upon my posted video on youtube…

1. The colour red and orange looks almost the same

– In my opinion, the part during the timeline 0.27 serves a purpose of readiness and the difference are clearly shown during the introduction of each colour.

2. Grammatical mistakes

– Thanks a lot but the commentator didn’t specify which part is it…after all, only one comment upon grammar mistakes…if it is there, at least another person should also realise it…

3. Black background colours

– I purposely choose black colour as the backgroud instead of white or other colours as to create deeper element of suprise for the viewers and thanks to ermabutang who supported my idea…

4. Voice faded out during the later part of the video…

– I have to admit that my voice is a bit faded out and I tried to ask opinions from others about that and the result is 8/10 who says it is clear and able to listen to…Therefore, I rather keep it that way…however, I would like to say sorry for using not so called brand new camera during the process of capturing the video….

That’s all from me and I hope the readers are satisfied with my explanation here…Have a nice day!!! 😛

Yours truly,